andromedalogic replied to your post “why am I sobbing over my classes being too easy lololol get good…”

classes being too easy is a legit reason for sobbing. it can make me very depressed

ty, that is reassuring :)

sometimes I think about my college career as this grand tragedy caused by pride and I — reassuring myself doesn’t work for very long

but routine — walk home, cook, make sure the plants aren’t dying, homework and stuff — that’s been helping a lot.

why am I sobbing over my classes being too easy lololol

  • get good grades this semester (raised GPA = co-op and scholarship eligibility)
  • apply for co-op program (ask about requirements - I think I need to declare a major first?)
  • apply for visual arts combined major (January)
  • have fun here, go jogging on the trails, explore downtown, w/e

I like that this linear algebra course is being taught at a slower pace than the one I took before (I read through the syllabus the other day and it only goes to matrix diagonalization. which is… hmm. idk, less than 1/2 of the other course?)

but I’m mad that they’re teaching formulas without explaining/connecting enough of the concepts behind them